The Super Sneaky Way To Upload An Image To Instagram From Your Computer

When creating Instagram content for your brand, you’re often working within Canva, Photoshop or some other graphic design program on your computer to create the images you share. The frustrating part of this process is that Instagram only allows users to share content from their mobile device.  So in order to upload an image to Instagram you have to send it to your phone first - and then upload your post to Instagram. 

This is a pain for those of us who are in a set workflow on our computers.

This tip will give you a super sneaky way to add a post to your Instagram account directly from your desktop or laptop computer and keep you in your desktop "flow".


Step-By-Step Instructions


1.  Start in the Chrome browser.



2.  Press Command+Option+I to open the Developer Tools.


3.  Click on the Toggle Device Toolbar icon towards the top and select any mobile device type from the drop down menu.


4.  Refresh your browser window to allow the mobile styles to load and add your Instagram post as you normally would on your phone!


Did this make you're life easier?  Let me know in the comments below!

Did this not work for you?  Tell me why in the comments below!