A website migration from Wordpress to Squarespace for Inspiring Creative Minds

Jennifer Harris is an editor, author and book writing coach.  She inspires and motivates upcoming authors with writing tips and inspiration in her online community called "Inspiring Creative Minds".  She also provides book editing services to authors through her business, Harris Hill Book Services.  She has an impressive list of past clients!  You can see her portfolio here.



Our work together began with trying to solve Jennifer's ongoing page speed and SEO issues.  After getting a chance to look "under the hood" of her website, I discovered that her web host had her sharing a server with over 7,000 other websites!  This was the reason for her page speed problems - it didn't matter how much she did to optimize her website, nothing was going to help if the websites sharing server space with her were eating up the available bandwidth.    She also found that the constant updates and upgrades required of her existing CMS were taking too much of her time.  So we decided that the best course of action was to migrate her site to both another host AND content management system.  The results were a fresh looking website, quick page load times, and a content management system that demanded much less of her time to maintain. 


Jennifer was also pondering the merits of having 2 separate websites for her business and her online community.  After discussing her goals we decided to merge the 2 websites into one.


Basic SEO tweaking

I took a look at Jennifer's content and compared it with some similar websites to find a few keywords to revolve her meta title and description tags around.  I also tweaked some of the page content so that the relevant keywords were present.  We also spent a brief time together going over the best ways for Jennifer to present her content in SEO friendly ways as she writes each blog post.  Our goal was to set the groundwork for successful search engine results in the future as more work is done in this area.



Design Updates

I took some of her existing content - particularly within her portfolio and testimonial pages and adjusted some of her images and page layouts.  The book covers on her portfolio page were edited so that they are all the same size and resolution.  On the testimonial page, I pulled together head shots from some of her past clients to add some visual authority to the text.