A website migration from Dreamweaver to Squarespace for the Washington Symphonic Brass


The Washington Symphonic Brass is an elite group of brass musicians from the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.  Under the direction of trumpeter and arranger, Phil Snedecor, they perform modern brass music that pushes traditional boundaries.  Their educational concerts, recordings and performances contribute greatly to the advancement of their art form.  They truly enrich their local area with world-class performances.  But don't worry if you're not local! Their recordings are available to sample and purchase on their website! 

The Problem

The WSB website was outdated and being published using the Dreamweaver CMS (Content Management System).  They wanted to migrate the website to another CMS that would be easier to update with their new recordings and upcoming performance information.  

The Solution

Managing 301 Redirects

It was important to keep their existing Google ranking.  To help in that endeavor, I created 301 redirects from the old website URL's to the new website URL's.

Logo Refresh

Their existing logo is recognizable to their fans.  So, I performed a simple refresh of their logo by recreating it in Photoshop.  This helped to sharpen and adjust it for use in the new website.  For simplicity I reduced the logo to contain one image instead of two.

 Old Logo

Old Logo

 Refreshed Logo

Refreshed Logo

Content Migration

The content had to be moved manually from the old website to the new.   The text was copied verbatim, but the images were adjusted to work within the new CMS by editing them first within Photoshop.  The most time consuming portion was adding the content for their nine albums.  Each album contains sample mp3's along with information and album cover art. In addition to this, I added each album into an online store so that they could be purchased from the website.  Squarespace has a great infrastructure for displaying music albums and for e-commerce - so I had a great system to work with.

Design Upgrade

The home page was given the most design attention.  I searched through the images of the group that were available, and chose a few high-resolution images that best portrayed the group.  I particularly liked the two images that have reviews of the group layered on top.  I think they show the website visitor exactly what it might be like to watch the group in concert.

2017-08-18 at 6.35 AM.png
2017-08-18 at 6.36 AM.png

Hand-over Meeting & Training

When the new website was ready to be made public, I introduced Phil to the Squarespace user interface and explained how it worked.  After our meeting, I pointed the domain name to the new Squarespace website and within a few minutes the new website was live!


Here are a few screenshots of the new Washington Symphonic Brass website, or you can head over the actual website.

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