There are a million tools available to help your church communicate online.

What you need most is someone with skill and experience to manage the execution.

It’s not always easy to get online communication tools working together and in your favor.  

Staff and volunteers are overworked. They often lack the time and/or skills needed to perform website updates, social media posts, and email communication in effective ways.

It’s hard to even know where to start when creating a strategy to guide these efforts.

Hiring a skilled webmaster to manage your church's online presence can ensure that the RIGHT tools work together towards accomplishing your church's mission — with skill and strategy.  


Consistently (and easily) get your church information online.

Here are a few examples of how a webmaster helps.

noun_Share Sharp_620339.png


Each week, simply email the bulletin document to your webmaster as soon as it’s ready for printing.

Within 48 hours the announcements from your weekly bulletin will be:

  • Added to your website.

  • Scheduled for social media distribution throughout the week.

  • Formatted to be sent in a weekly email newsletter.   

A time-worn marketing adage states that people need to interact with a message at least seven times before they'll take action on it!

noun_Online Voter Registration_638663.png


Receive registration information or volunteer sign-ups into an easily accessible and printable spreadsheet without any technical know-how. Send you webmaster the details of your event or project, and she will return a neatly formatted webpage that makes all this happen effortlessly.

See how we made is easy for VBS participants to sign up at Grace Fellowship.

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Your webmaster will monitor your church’s google search results to be sure your church information shows up clearly, accurately and compellingly on Google the next time someone is looking for a church to attend.



If you’re already preparing daily devotional readings, your webmaster will make them more accessible by adding them to your website, delivering them in a daily email, and/or providing a link to them on social media.



Simply deliver the sermon audio or video file to your webmaster each week. She will take care of all the technical details needed to make past sermons available on the church website, distributing them to a podcast or uploading them to a YouTube channel.

noun_Manger in Stable_1501195.png


Help non-regular church attendees find information about your services for special holidays.  Your webmaster can create a visually appealing web page with all the important details.


Having a webmaster can give church leadership peace of mind.

  • No worries about who's going to take care of updating content and whether it will be done well.

  • Keep existing members informed through strategic communications.

  • Potential new members will see information about your church online in all the right places.

  • Add another person to your team without adding to your payroll.

  • Find more time for you and/or existing staff to do what they do best.


By the way... have we met?

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I'm Faithe.  I've been the webmaster at Groton Bible Chapel for 8 years while also managing a small web design business.  

I love all the facets of managing content online—from the creation of graphics to writing custom code and crafting words into concise and compelling messages.

I also believe the local church is key to improving the world we share, and I want to help local churches in Connecticut use their websites to build greater ties with their communities.

If you want to grow and engage your church community in the online world, I hope you'll consider getting in touch with me.  I would love to help.


Hiring a webmaster is a tremendous value.

It costs less money than hiring a staff member, and you’ll get concentrated skill applied to your church in the area of online communication.

Sign up for a free discovery meeting to assess your church’s particular situation. You’ll receive an individualized action plan and a price per month estimate.