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How To Post To Instagram From Your Computer

When creating Instagram content for your brand, you’re often working within Canva, Photoshop or some other graphic design program on your computer to create the images you share. The frustrating part of this process is that Instagram only allows users to share content from their mobile device.  So in order to upload an image to Instagram you have to send it to your phone first - and then upload your post to Instagram. 

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Squarespace Tip: How to get Squarespace to link to your Facebook Business Page (and NOT your personal page)

It's common for people to get hung-up on how to get the social icons on their Squarespace website to link to their Facebook business page and NOT their personal page.  

If you do nothing but connect your Facebook account from within the "Connected Accounts" area in the "Settings" menu, then Squarespace will simply link the icons to your personal account.  This is the default.

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It's time to say goodbye to Wordpress when...

Life is busy and trying to catch a couple hours to work on your business can be a tricky thing to pull off.

Family demands, day job demands, every-day-life demands.  They all grab a limb and pull you to the four winds.  So when you finally sit down at your computer, you want to get your work done.  

That's what makes it soooo frustrating when you login to your Wordpress backend and find that there's always something that needs your attention.

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