Highlights from ongoing work with Groton Bible Chapel

Groton Bible Chapel (GBC) is a non-denominational church in southeastern, CT.  What began as a storefront Sunday school program over a century ago, has grown into one of the largest and most vibrant churches in the area. I’ve been involved with GBC for many years, but here are just a few highlights of our work together. 



When GBC asked me to redesign their website, it required the migration of over 30 web pages, 2 blogs, a podcast, a calendar and a photo album.  In addition, I integrated several 3rd party services to ensure a seamless online experience.  Working with Heather from Heather Hudson Photography, I incorporated images that captured GBC in a natural and authentic way.  It was essential that this website be fully accessible by staff members to manage and communicate upcoming events, etc.  To accommodate their needs, I built the site upon a content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use and doesn’t require updates to the system on their part.  Just a brief training was needed before the staff was ready to take over.



Logo Design

The leadership at GBC was looking for an updated logo - something more current, modern and inviting.  After several rounds of discussion and revision, they were thrilled with this new concept. The design files I provided were used to update their stationary, business cards, promotional materials and even the street sign.


Google My Business Listing

GBC's website ranked well for local keywords that were relevant to their organization.  However, I found their search engine results were out-of-date and unhelpful.  I addressed this issue by updating their meta title / description tags, and implementing a registration to Google's business listing. These changes now provide current search results that are polished and productive.



Growth Timeline

The past several years have been a time of rapid growth and change for GBC.  It was becoming a challenge to find different ways to keep the congregation updated as to all the changes taking place.  The staff decided that an online timeline of events would be a great reference tool to help them solve this problem.

The staff worked hard to come up with the events that they wanted to share and the supporting documents and media that they wanted to make available.  I then took these items and arranged them within a visually oriented and interactive timeline.  The user is able navigate through the events in chronological order and are provided with links to documentation and media to help them explore the particular event in more detail.  A graphic was also created to help promote this online tool.