It's time to say goodbye to Wordpress when...

Life's crazy busy.

Trying to catch a couple hours to work on your business can be a tricky thing to pull off.

Family demands, day job demands, every-day-life demands.  They all grab a limb and pull you to the four winds.  So when you finally sit down at your computer, you want to get your work done.  

That's what makes it soooo frustrating when you login to your Wordpress backend and find that there's always something that needs your attention.

  • Notifications and nags in your dashboard to upgrade Wordpress, a theme or a plugin.
  • Dealing with all the moving parts needed to make Wordpress work - multiple plugins, themes, hosting, domain name registration and integrating 3rd party services.
  • Fixing compatibility issues between all the aforementioned "moving parts".
  • Oh... yeah.  Have you had the pleasure of meeting the infamous "white screen of death"?  Good stuff.

Yeah.  I know.  There are work-arounds for all of these problems.  That's great.  But I also know that my clients don't want to:

  • Spend hours looking for a good plugin (cause there are hundreds of bad plugins to sift through)
  • Sift through forum threads and blog posts looking for a workaround that was written by someone who actually knows what they're talking about.
  • Feel like they have to be best buds with or have the money to pay for a Wordpress guru to constantly be by their side.

Wordpress is really great for a LOT of reasons and is a must-have for some web projects, but in my 8-plus years of working on client websites, I've found that a good number of my clients just need something simple.

So a year ago, I started building client sites on Squarespace.

I was seriously hesitant and worried about appearing to be incompetent as a web designer.  But it wasn't that I couldn't design Wordpress websites, but that the type of clients that I enjoyed working with couldn't afford or take the time to keep their sites up-to-date.  So, if I was going to be real about what was best for my clients, I had to admit that Squarespace was doing a great job of providing beautiful and easy to manage websites.  And it meant I could build the same quality of website with a cheaper price tag.

  • No more upgrading.
  • 99% of all the moving parts that you need are already incorporated.  (Hosting, domain name registration, email marketing software, contact forms, analytics, shopping cart, image optimization, etc.)
  • And if you get something odd like the "white screen of death" -- just go call their support number.  That's a beautiful thing.

And yeah, that means that my clients need me less for website stuff - but that means that their money and my time are freed up to move beyond the basic "get my website to work" part of business. Now they can expand to other areas, like - creating content, running paid advertising (think AdWords and Facebook Ads), perfecting website sales copy, and other things that help them expand their online presence and increase their income.

Are you thinking about switching from Wordpress to Squarespace?  Hopefully you'll realize that you're not the only one who is struggling with making Wordpress work for you, and that Squarespace is a GREAT alternative that just might help you get your work done.

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