Concert Promotional Materials for Classic Brass


The Classic Brass Band is a British-style brass band that's located in Connecticut.  They're composed of local musicians, many of whom are past or current music educators.  They perform concerts at various events throughout the year, and enjoy keeping their "chops" up with regular weekly rehearsals.

Classic Brass had an upcoming concert that they needed promotional materials for.  They requested an 11"x17" poster, a Facebook event cover image, and an HTML email design. 

Creating a consistent look across communication platforms can be tricky (in this case - print, social media and email).  The layout and form of the design is unique for each medium.  For example, a design that looks great as a poster won't always work as an email.  Even within a medium there are challenges.  An Facebook event cover that looks great on Desktop can sometimes get cut off when viewed on a mobile device.  

While creating the materials requested, I incorporated their logo (a past project), and I also composed a short "blurb" for the concert description that was borrowed in part from their website.  


(logo created in 2016)

The process for this project was as follows:

1.  Client contacted me about the need for materials for an upcoming concert.

2.  A brief questionnaire was completed to help me gather all the needed information.

3.  A delivery date was set.

4.  The materials were delivered via a password protected web page on my website.  This page provided links to any needed files, and any needed instructions.

Below is a screenshot of the final product that was delivered to the members of Classic Brass for their own use as they promoted their upcoming concerts.  This password protected page is accessible only to them, and provides links to all the files as well as any needed instructions.

Hopefully these materials helped to communicate the upcoming concert in a professional and visually consistent way.


Do you have a concert that needs promotional materials?  I'd love to help.  Send me an email and let's talk.



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