The Super Sneaky Way To Upload An Image To Instagram From Your Computer

When creating Instagram content for your brand, you’re often working within Canva, Photoshop or some other graphic design program on your computer to create the images you share. The frustrating part of this process is that Instagram only allows users to share content from their mobile device.  So in order to upload an image to Instagram you have to send it to your phone first - and then upload your post to Instagram. 

This is a major pain in the butt for those of us who are in a set workflow on our computers.

This tip will give you a super sneaky way to add a post to your Instagram account directly from your desktop or laptop computer and keep you in your desktop "flow".

1.  Start in the Chrome browser.



2.  Press Command+Option+I to open the Developer Tools.



3.  Click on the Toggle Device Toolbar icon towards the top and select any mobile device type from the drop down menu.



4.  Refresh your browser window to allow the mobile styles to load and add your Instagram post as you normally would on your phone!



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A website migration from Dreamweaver to Squarespace for the Washington Symphonic Brass


The Washington Symphonic Brass is an elite group of brass musicians from the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.  Under the direction of trumpeter and arranger, Phil Snedecor, they perform modern brass music that pushes traditional boundaries.  Their educational concerts, recordings and performances contribute greatly to the advancement of their art form.  They truly enrich their local area with world-class performances.  But don't worry if you're not local! Their recordings are available to sample and purchase on their website! 

The Problem

The WSB website was outdated and being published using the Dreamweaver CMS (Content Management System).  They wanted to migrate the website to another CMS that would be easier to update with their new recordings and upcoming performance information.  

The Solution

Managing 301 Redirects

It was important to keep their existing Google ranking.  To help in that endeavor, I created 301 redirects from the old website URL's to the new website URL's.

Logo Refresh

Their existing logo is recognizable to their fans.  So, I performed a simple refresh of their logo by recreating it in Photoshop.  This helped to sharpen and adjust it for use in the new website.  For simplicity I reduced the logo to contain one image instead of two.

 Old Logo

Old Logo

 Refreshed Logo

Refreshed Logo

Content Migration

The content had to be moved manually from the old website to the new.   The text was copied verbatim, but the images were adjusted to work within the new CMS by editing them first within Photoshop.  The most time consuming portion was adding the content for their nine albums.  Each album contains sample mp3's along with information and album cover art. In addition to this, I added each album into an online store so that they could be purchased from the website.  Squarespace has a great infrastructure for displaying music albums and for e-commerce - so I had a great system to work with.

Design Upgrade

The home page was given the most design attention.  I searched through the images of the group that were available, and chose a few high-resolution images that best portrayed the group.  I particularly liked the two images that have reviews of the group layered on top.  I think they show the website visitor exactly what it might be like to watch the group in concert.

2017-08-18 at 6.35 AM.png
2017-08-18 at 6.36 AM.png

Hand-over Meeting & Training

When the new website was ready to be made public, I introduced Phil to the Squarespace user interface and explained how it worked.  After our meeting, I pointed the domain name to the new Squarespace website and within a few minutes the new website was live!


Here are a few screenshots of the new Washington Symphonic Brass website, or you can head over the actual website.

How to get Squarespace to link to your Facebook Business Page and NOT your personal page

It's common for people to get hung-up on how to get the social icons on their Squarespace website to link to their Facebook business page and NOT their personal page.  

If you do nothing but connect your Facebook account from within the "Connected Accounts" area in the "Settings" menu, then Squarespace will simply link the icons to your personal account.  This is the default.

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A website migration from Wordpress to Squarespace for Inspiring Creative Minds

Jennifer Harris is an editor, author and book writing coach.  She inspires and motivates upcoming authors with writing tips and inspiration in her online community called "Inspiring Creative Minds".  She also provides book editing services to authors through her business, Harris Hill Book Services.  She has an impressive list of past clients!  You can see her portfolio here.



Our work together began with trying to solve Jennifer's ongoing page speed and SEO issues.  After getting a chance to look "under the hood" of her website, I discovered that her web host had her sharing a server with over 7,000 other websites!  This was the reason for her page speed problems - it didn't matter how much she did to optimize her website, nothing was going to help if the websites sharing server space with her were eating up the available bandwidth.    She also found that the constant updates and upgrades required of her existing CMS were taking too much of her time.  So we decided that the best course of action was to migrate her site to both another host AND content management system.  The results were a fresh looking website, quick page load times, and a content management system that demanded much less of her time to maintain. 


Jennifer was also pondering the merits of having 2 separate websites for her business and her online community.  After discussing her goals we decided to merge the 2 websites into one.


Basic SEO tweaking

I took a look at Jennifer's content and compared it with some similar websites to find a few keywords to revolve her meta title and description tags around.  I also tweaked some of the page content so that the relevant keywords were present.  We also spent a brief time together going over the best ways for Jennifer to present her content in SEO friendly ways as she writes each blog post.  Our goal was to set the groundwork for successful search engine results in the future as more work is done in this area.



Design Updates

I took some of her existing content - particularly within her portfolio and testimonial pages and adjusted some of her images and page layouts.  The book covers on her portfolio page were edited so that they are all the same size and resolution.  On the testimonial page, I pulled together head shots from some of her past clients to add some visual authority to the text.

Highlights from ongoing work with Groton Bible Chapel

Groton Bible Chapel (GBC) is a non-denominational church in southeastern, CT.  What began as a storefront Sunday school program over a century ago, has grown into one of the largest and most vibrant churches in the area. I’ve been involved with GBC for many years, but here are just a few highlights of our work together. 



When GBC asked me to redesign their website, it required the migration of over 30 web pages, 2 blogs, a podcast, a calendar and a photo album.  In addition, I integrated several 3rd party services to ensure a seamless online experience.  Working with Heather from Heather Hudson Photography, I incorporated images that captured GBC in a natural and authentic way.  It was essential that this website be fully accessible by staff members to manage and communicate upcoming events, etc.  To accommodate their needs, I built the site upon a content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use and doesn’t require updates to the system on their part.  Just a brief training was needed before the staff was ready to take over.



Logo Design

The leadership at GBC was looking for an updated logo - something more current, modern and inviting.  After several rounds of discussion and revision, they were thrilled with this new concept. The design files I provided were used to update their stationary, business cards, promotional materials and even the street sign.


Google My Business Listing

GBC's website ranked well for local keywords that were relevant to their organization.  However, I found their search engine results were out-of-date and unhelpful.  I addressed this issue by updating their meta title / description tags, and implementing a registration to Google's business listing. These changes now provide current search results that are polished and productive.



Growth Timeline

The past several years have been a time of rapid growth and change for GBC.  It was becoming a challenge to find different ways to keep the congregation updated as to all the changes taking place.  The staff decided that an online timeline of events would be a great reference tool to help them solve this problem.

The staff worked hard to come up with the events that they wanted to share and the supporting documents and media that they wanted to make available.  I then took these items and arranged them within a visually oriented and interactive timeline.  The user is able navigate through the events in chronological order and are provided with links to documentation and media to help them explore the particular event in more detail.  A graphic was also created to help promote this online tool.

The beginning of an online presence for Monster Oil

Monster Oil is the brain child of three very talented trumpet players from the United States Coast Guard Band.  As brass musicians, they observed that the instrument lubricant market and their products left much to be desired... and so they decided that they could do better.  After years of research and testing, they came out with their own line of lubricants and marketed them with their own personal flair.  Their products continue to gain momentum in sales, and their monthly interview series on YouTube called, "Brass Chats," is a series that every brass player should be subscribed to.



The guys at Monster Oil requested a website for their new products.  They needed an e-commerce site to showcase and sell their products online, and they wanted a way to incorporate their YouTube series - "Brass Chats."  After some discussion and research we found the right e-commerce solution for them and implemented it into their site, and we embedded their YouTube videos onto a dedicated webpage.  



YouTube Channel Setup

The 'Monsters' are super web saavy, so I didn't have to help much.  However, there were a few details that I helped them to maneuver through when it came to setting up their YouTube channel.  I also created the cover graphic for their channel.



I had nothing to do with creating this video, but the "Brass Chats" teaser episodes are fun, and I thought you might think so too!  

Go check out the rest of them here.